Music / Voice Visualizer_1


Part 1 of my visualizer series, play your own music sing, and most of all have fun, there will be more of this to come! (also very importantly play with the volume every computer’s mic will react differently… if the shapes are huge and slowing down the animation turn down the volume or the mic volume in your computer settings.)
I have also attached a png encoder so like some of the previous posts you right click press “encode png” wait for it and right click and press “save png” and you should have an image similar to the one below.

WIth these png’s there are various things you can do, but what i like to do is throw them in photoshop and go to image size and turn off the re-sampling box and resize the image. When you take a large scale png and reduce the size with the re-sampling turned off it will increase the DPI allowing you to print and/or do what ever it is you want to… here are some sample patterns i made in a matter of minutes (an advantage of flash!).

[nggallery id=14]
colsonMusic / Voice Visualizer_1