new drawing experiment in processing.js

use mouse as drawing tool in the space below, click and drag to draw, and press to save your piece. Below i have some examples of a few sample patterns I was able to produce in a matter of minutes…. Enjoy! JavaScript is required to view the contents of this page.

colsonnew drawing experiment in processing.js

Home made 3D Scanner

Was inspired to tackle this project after going through some album art that inspired me and i came across Coldplay’s single art for “Rush of Blood”. The process was quite simple i looked up instructions to construct your own 3D scanner and using Processing.js i was able to convert 3 images into a detailed 3D map of my friends face. …

colsonHome made 3D Scanner

Java Script + PNG encoder

Click mouse to Draw and press enter to save PNG! S makes everything fade, B restarts background. Your browser does not support the canvas tag.    <p>JavaScript is required to view the contents of this page.</p> draw2

colsonJava Script + PNG encoder