Music / Voice Visualizer_1

  Part 1 of my visualizer series, play your own music sing, and most of all have fun, there will be more of this to come! (also very importantly play with the volume every computer’s mic will react differently… if the shapes are huge and slowing down the animation turn down the volume or the mic volume in your computer …

colsonMusic / Voice Visualizer_1

encode png

Right Click on the animation and press “encode PNG” wait to raster and once finished right click once again and “save as”……And for my photoshop friends i have a neat little trick to make this a high res file… the coding behind this animation tells the program to encode png, and when it does that it also tells the program …

colsonencode png

Violent Remix Album Art

  Latest album cover i did in a night as well as that little animation i put together. Enjoy the song!

colsonViolent Remix Album Art